Monday, September 6, 2010

Seller spotlight: Thursday*Girl

I am so excited to introduce a new monthly feature on this blog! I'm calling it "Seller Spotlight" and once a month, I will introduce you to a reputable eBay seller who lists quality Anthropologie items from past seasons. I wanted to create something that would benefit the community and hopefully turn you on to great deals from honest sellers who are the cream of the crop, as I know eBay can be a little intimidating.

This month's featured seller is Rachel, who sells under the name Thursday*Girl on eBay. I first met Rachel through eBay's Clothing, Shoes and Accessories discussion forum. She quickly became a role model for me as a seller because she was honest, ethical and extremely welcoming and helpful. Her listings were always very well done, and her shipping charges are super accurate and fair. To me, she is the model eBayer. I've learned so much from her. Rachel doesn't just approach eBay from a seller's perspective, either. She always keeps her buyers in mind, and she's written very informative, helpful eBay guides on how to authenticate Anthro and Ralph Lauren. She recently launched her own blog, Every Thursday Night, and she transferred her Anthro guide to her blog. (Check it out here.)

Rachel recently sat down for a Q&A session with me, so let's get to it, shall we?

(Q) How long have you been selling on eBay and how did you get started?

(A) I’ve been selling on Ebay for almost 10 years. A nurse friend of mine had lost a lot of weight and was selling off her wardrobe of plus-size nursing scrubs. She remarked to me that some of them were selling for close to original retail. I started poodling around the eBay site, and selling extra household items and things from my own closet that I no longer wore. I remember when I ran out of things to sell and I was thinking to myself, “Where can I get more things?” I didn’t care what I sold, I just wanted to SELL things. I loved (and still love) almost every part of this job. Not all of us are put on earth to find a cure for cancer; I believe strongly this is what I was born to do. It brings little bits of joy into people’s lives. I’m not going down in the history books, and that’s OK. Lifting spirits in positive ways with beautiful things is a purposeful existence, too.

(Q) What are your tips for having a successful transaction on eBay?

(A) Successful transactions; well, of course, choose your seller wisely. Read the feedback left by others. Don’t bid unless you can pay in the time required. When buying pre-owned clothing, remember that “excellent condition” can be very subjective. To some people, “one little hole” or “only minor wash fade” is excellent condition.

(Q) What do you like about Anthro items?

(A) Oh Anthropologie, what do I love about Anthropologie! Just about everything; I could talk about it all day. It’s like fairy-tale clothing for people who read Joan Aiken or Rumer Godden as children. It’s a useful fantasy, Anthropologie is. It’s a practical, tangible daydream that you can put on and wear each day, and actually LIVE and USE. Not just the clothing, but the other things as well. It’s fanciful and quirky but not “little girl-ish” or childlike.

Anthropologie Vagabond Boots, circa 2008, Style #843990

The online catalogue a few years back had a pair of boots called Vagabond Boots. They were fantastic; I wish I’d bought them then. They didn’t go with anything in my closet at the time, and I would have looked like a cat lady who was trying too hard in them, or so I thought. So I passed. And I’ve regretted it ever since, and I fully understand the mentality behind Anthro lovers paying premium for pre-owned, past season Anthro items firsthand, believe me. I totally get it. (p.s.: If anyone out there has a pair of those Vagabond Boots in size 9 ...)

(Q) Are there any Anthro items that you've sold that stick out in your mind as your favorites?

"Drawing Room Skirt" by Odille, circa 2006

(A) My favorites are the skirts. I love the construction, I love the styles and prints. My favorite is the Drawing Room Skirt. I did not know the name of it, only that looked curtained, somehow, and the word “layered” just didn’t quite describe the skirt. When I learned the name was Drawing Room, I knew immediately why they had named it so. It’s no surprise that one of the few pages I’ve taken the time to assemble on my new blog are some photos I found of Anthropologie skirts that I’ve loved (see it here).

(Q) Do you have any advice for first-time eBay buyers?

(A) Be careful. It’s a big world out there. Educate yourselves as to Anthropologie clothing before making any purchase decisions. My blog has two pages devoted solely to determining the authenticity of Anthro items, and of course, Sara’s blog is the online bible for the same. Just because something is cute and “looks Anthro," doesn’t mean it is. First-time eBayers as sellers? Read the policies. Follow them! Describe your items honestly, and include measurements. Most of all, have fun. eBay and Anthropologie are not about life and death, so enjoy yourself fully.

I'd like to thank Rachel for sharing her answers with us, and I'd also like to highlight a few Anthropologie items that she has for sale right now on eBay! But before I highlight those items, I'd like to share that I've purchased two items from Rachel and both experiences have been just stellar. In fact, I've included a link to her eBay store in my links off to the side of this blog so you can always remember to check out her listings for Anthropologie goodies past and present!

I hope you've liked this feature, and you can look forward to another installment next month!