Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seller Spotlight: Hangingaroundkatescloset

Hello and welcome to the February 2011 installment of "Seller Spotlight." I started this feature last year in the hopes of educating Anthro buyers on the eBay process. I wanted to highlight sellers that I know personally, or have had very good experiences with, so that Anthro community members could build up a log of trusted sellers when they are searching eBay for older pieces that they may have missed.

I am super pleased to bring you February's spotlighted seller, who sells on eBay under the name hangingaroundkatescloset. The lovely lady behind the eBay ID is Kate (her eBay store is "Kate's Closet"). I have bought some older Anthropologie catalogs from Kate, and I first got to know her eBay store through the readers of this blog, who raved about Kate's selection and service. My own buying experiences with Kate have been wonderful, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a great Anthro seller on eBay.

Now, let's meet Kate!

(Q) How long have you been selling on eBay, and how did you get started?

(A) I have been a member of eBay since 2004 but I didn't start selling until 2007. I had bought a pair of Victoria's Secret Uplift Jeans (oh, this is embarassing) and found that when I got them I would either have to go on a diet or sell them on eBay. A diet wasn't an option so I decided to sell them on eBay. It was that purchase that precipitated me collecting an assortment of new and used items to sell in Kate's Closet. The first thing to go was a Land's End tankini.

(Q) What made you decide to specialize in selling clothing from Anthropologie? What attracts you to the brand?

(A) I have a good friend who has been Anthro nuts for years. She introduced me to the store on a shopping trip and it didn't take me long to become an admirer of Anthro's feminine style. I placed an order in September of 2007 and was happy to find that the line sold well. January 2008 brought a new year and I decided to dedicate Kate's Closet solely to Anthro items.

(Q) There are several sellers on eBay who specialize in selling Anthro, but they are very unresponsive to buyers and/or their inventory is questionable. Your customer service, on the other hand, is spectacular and second to none. How do you reassure buyers if they have worries?

(A) Thank you so much for your compliment. I believe reassuring buyers starts with the listing itself. An item with flaws should be described as such. I overstate my case if I feel that my pictures don't do an adequate job of capturing a small stain or slight pilling by listing an item in "good condition" rather than in "very good condition." If a buyer contacts me with a question I will do my best to answer them honestly and in a timely fashion. If a buyer has made a purchase they are not happy with, I will often take the item back and refund their money. In the end, I want my customers to be happy.

(Q) Have there been any seasons/years of Anthro's collections that you are particularly fond of? Do you have a favorite piece?

(A) Oh my, you should see the top drawer of my filing cabinet. Inside, I have catalogs stacked a foot or more deep that go back as far as 2004. The hard drive on my computer stores other catalogs that date back to 1999. Here are some images of favorites that I have sold in the past.

(Q) I've noticed over the past few months that you've added other brands to your inventory. What other kinds of clothes and items do you like to sell?

(A) I was hoping that no one would notice! The truth is, there are some things in my closet that have accumulated through the years. Among those are items that I have found in second-hand shops, bought on eBay, or picked up in department stores. What they have in common is usually some small draw like embroidery, carved buttons or floral print. I am listing them in the hopes that they will find new homes. My heart still lies with Anthro, though, and that will continue to be my focus.

(Q) Finally, eBay is a fast-changing world for both buyers and sellers. What do you think are some good tips for buyers to make sure that they don't feel overwhelmed?

(A) Read a seller's listing carefully. If you need more information or pictures, use the "Ask a Question" link at the bottom of the item's page to contact the seller. Check a seller's feedback and detailed seller ratings. Negative feedback in light of excellent detailed seller ratings; i.e., their stars look "full," may mean that the seller had an incident with a rare angry buyer and nothing more. Sometimes numbers lie: A Tracey Reese Size 2 might fit like a Maeve Size 6. Compare the measurements given in the listing against something comparable that you own. This extra step may save you from unloading an item if it doesn't fit.


I'd like to thank Kate for sharing her answers with us, as I think she's a great eBay seller and I really enjoy looking at her eBay listings. Right now, she has quite a few lovely items, such as 2008's "Orinoco V-Neck" by RicRac (size small, see it here).

I've included a permanent link to Kate's Closet in my blog roll. I hope you've enjoyed this feature and I'll be back again next month with another seller profile.


If you are an eBay seller of Anthropologie items and would like to be featured on Seller Spotlight, please contact me via email at saraefarr(at)