Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seller Spotlight: Hucktom

Hello and welcome to the March 2011 installment of "Seller Spotlight." I started this feature last year in the hopes of educating Anthro buyers on the eBay process. I wanted to highlight sellers that I know personally, or have had very good experiences with, so that Anthro community members could build up a log of trusted sellers when they are searching eBay for older pieces that they may have missed.

I am super pleased to bring you March's spotlighted seller, who sells on eBay under the name hucktom. The lovely lady behind the eBay ID is Jean (her eBay store is "Maggie May's Amazing Merchandise"). I got to know Jean through a Facebook discussion group of eBay sellers that I belong to, and she is the nicest lady. She also has a great sense of humor and a great perspective on eBay selling. She is generous with her time and knowledge, and a class-act seller.

Now, let's meet Jean!

(Q) How and when did you start selling on eBay?

(A) I really started selling on eBay in December of 1999. I found a big box of old books in my attic while getting out the Christmas decorations and had pretty good luck (selling) them. I was hooked!! I got bored with books and started doing some collectibles but didn’t like that. About 8 years ago, I decided to try clothing, and since my mother was a huge fashion fan, I found I enjoyed it and had more knowledge of clothing than I realized.

(Q) What kinds of items do you specialize in?

(A) I like to sell classic women's clothing. I love pretty things, so the prettier the better!!!! I also love selling men's neckties and suspenders. I have been known to turn around a guy's tie to look at the label. I think ties are just amazing. I also adore sweaters!!!!! I love the feel of soft cashmere, and I think a pretty sweater can be a real wardrobe plus.

(Q) How did you first find out about Anthropologie, and what do you like about the brand?

(A) I have several nieces who love Anthropologie, and I heard more and more about the brand in my groups and the eBay forums. My daughter-in-law also loves Anthro. I like Anthropologie because it is pretty without being prissy and fashionable without being too trendy. I love learning about the brand from reading blogs like this one (Anthropologie Treasurebox).

(Q) What do you think is the most important information that a seller can provide to buyers?

(A) I think the main thing is an honest description. I use the term "excellent" less than a lot of sellers because I never want my customers to be disappointed. I also think that sellers need to provide accurate measurements and clear pictures.

(Q) A lot of sellers tend to look for the bizarre and unusual, but I notice that you tend to carry a lot of timeless, classic pieces, which tends to fill a market that is, quite frankly, underserved on eBay. Is this a conscious choice on your part and/or something you're drawn to when you're looking for items to sell?

(A) I am naturally drawn to classic pieces. As I mentioned, my mother loved clothing and for quite a few years worked in fashion retail. I was always "dressed" by her in a classic mode. I rebelled in the "flower child" era but it didn't last long. I do still like some of the more funky styles, though.

(Q) One of my good friends has had a lot of bad experiences buying items on eBay — and she's bought from sellers with good feedback. What advice do you have to buyers when they are evaluating whether to buy an item? There are lots of good sellers out there, so what things should she — and other buyers — look for in their sellers?

(A) I think sellers with lots of experience are a real plus to the eBay community. If someone has been selling for many years, they are usually dedicated to selling and want to make their customers happy. Another important point is communication. If you are unhappy with an item it is to your advantage to let the seller know. If they are a good seller, they will work with you for a good outcome. Feedback is important but it’s is also important to remember that every seller can make mistakes or run into unreasonable customers.

(Q) Finally, do you have some favorite Anthro items that you've sold over the years?

(A) I really like Odille because it is so feminine and pretty, and of course, I have sold several Sleeping on Snow sweaters that I would have worn, if I could fit into them. I think my favorite of all time is the Moulinette Soeurs' silver "Spirited Away" dress. I love the color and romantic style. (Ed. note: Jean has this dress up for sale right now in her eBay store in a size 10; you can see it here!)

I'd like to thank Jean for sharing her answers with us, as I think she's a great eBay seller. I've included a permanent link to Jean's eBay store -- Maggie May's Amazing Merchandise -- in my blog roll. I hope you've enjoyed this feature and I'll be back again next month with another seller profile.


If you are an eBay seller of Anthropologie items and would like to be featured on Seller Spotlight, please contact me via email at saraefarr(at)