Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seller Spotlight: Cenafan

Hello and welcome to the April 2011 installment of "Seller Spotlight." I started this feature in 2010 in the hopes of educating Anthro buyers on the eBay process. I wanted to highlight sellers that I know personally, or have had very good experiences with, so that Anthro community members could build up a log of trusted sellers when they are searching eBay for older pieces that they may have missed.

I'm really excited to bring you April's spotlighted seller -- I'm pretty sure that all of my Canadian friends will rejoice to meet her because she is based out of the Toronto area ... which means no customs charges for Canadian buyers!! I know that Anthro charges pretty steep fees for shipping to Canada, so I am very happy for my north-of-the-border friends to meet Heather, who sells under the eBay ID Cenafan.

I came to know Heather through my friend Rachel, who was the first seller I spotlighted in this series. What I love about Heather is her down-to-earth attitude and the fact that we have a lot of common interests, including sports cars!! So, without further ado, let's meet Heather!

(Q) How and when did you start selling on eBay? Also, you went from being a part-time seller to a full-time seller – how did that impact your approach to selling on eBay?

(A) I've been on eBay for about eight years. I've sold very part time for the past seven. In October of last year (2010) I went full time. HUGE change. Thinking about it as a business meant a more serious approach to my sales and buyers. I implemented flat rate shipping costs to all locations and now ship daily (not including weekends). I've also greatly expanded both my type and quantity of inventory. I attained Top Rated Seller status* in January and will continue growing my business.

(Q) Is there a particular kind of item that you specialize in, or prefer selling?

(A) I don't have any particular type or brand of items. I do love selling Lululemon items (but that is a personal loved brand). I also love unique items, which is where Anthropologie items come in. I don't have as easy access to these items as some other sellers I know as there are very few Anthro locations in Canada. Being close to Toronto does help with my ability to find items, and I love finding them while on inventory trips in the USA. My store is a mix of everything ... from high end, to funky, to vintage, to trendy, to classic. I am also trying to expand my menswear inventory.

(Q) How did you come to find out about Anthropologie clothing, and what do you like about the brand?

(A) I learned about Anthropologie from eBay. I would never have known (about) it without the knowledge base of other seller friends. I love the eclectic-ness of the pieces. The natural fabrics. The artistry of the pieces. My favourite brands from Anthro are Moulinette Soeurs and Floreat. I think they have stunning pieces.

(Q) You are based in Canada – I know that’s an awesome draw for Canadian Anthro fans because the store charges ridiculous shipping fees to ship from the U.S. to Canada. But what about selling to U.S. buyers? Do you think there’s a challenge there?

(A) I think the only challenge I face in comparison to U.S. sellers is the time it will take to receive the item. Even though we are "just over the bridge," it is still an international transaction. Most U.S. buyers are used to getting their items in a couple of days ... and I can't provide that service without charging high shipping costs. So it becomes a balancing act for the buyers. Do my unique items and great prices outweigh the slightly longer wait time? I hope the answer is yes.

(Q) I see that you still list some items at auction on eBay – what do you think are the benefits of auctions for sellers? For buyers?

(A) For sellers, I think the benefit is higher traffic. On nights that I have auctions ending, my traffic often doubles. For buyers ... it's the thrill of getting a great deal. The joy of the snipe. The good old days of eBay. :)

(Q) What tips would you recommend to buyers in order for them to have good experiences on eBay?

(A) Read your seller's terms of sale. If you don't agree with something in those terms, then that is not the seller for you. COMMUNICATE! If you have concerns/questions/comments. Contact your seller. eBay/Paypal disputes should be the last step after all other avenues have been depleted. If you are shopping for clothes, know your measurements. Every good seller I know lists multiple measurements for every item. Those are there to ensure you are happy with your item. Enjoy!

I'd like to thank Heather for sharing her answers with us, as I think she's a great eBay seller.
I've included a permanent link to Heather's eBay store -- Cenafan's Fashion Finds -- in my blog roll. I hope you've enjoyed this feature and I'll be back again next month with another seller profile.


If you are an eBay seller of Anthropologie items and would like to be featured on Seller Spotlight, please contact me via email at saraefarr(at)

* Heather mentions that she is a Top-Rated Seller. This is a category of seller that eBay recognizes for superior customer service and the standards that a seller has to meet to achieve this designation are quite high. eBay's description of a Top-Rated Seller is a seller who "consistently receives highest buyers' ratings," "ships items quickly," and "has earned a track record of excellent service."